Life As A Hedgepig
Friday, 26. December 2003
Hedgerow Christmas

Once upon a time, before I became a hedgepig, I was known as "Mouse." And when Caitlin was born, she was the Baby Mouse for quite a while (and also known as Caitie-Bug). Then she was Mouse Paws for quite a while after that, and I still sometimes call her that, although it makes her all squealy and embarassed--maybe appropriate for a mouse, at that. Anyway, our first Christmas with Caitlin, we changed the words of a familiar Christmas song, and around the Hedgerow, this is still how we sing it:

We wish you a Merry Chris-mouse,
We wish you a Merry Chris-mouse,
We wish you a Merry Chris-mouse,
And a Happy New Bug!

And I do hope that anybody who visits this site had a Merry Chris-mouse, and that your New Bug will be a peaceful and joyful one.

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