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Saturday, 14. May 2005
Exchange At Burger King

I don't go to fast food restaurants very often. That doesn't really have much to do with the fact that the people who work there are stupid, although so many of them seem to be. (My father and I were constantly amazed at the incredible stupidity of the workers at the Poulsbo KFC, who were dense to the point of not being able to understand the phrase "two extra biscuits, please"--but that's another story.)

The latest example of stupidity--or at least senselessness--in the fast food industry was yesterday at Burger King. I had a rare burst of energy after the kids left for school so I decided to go down to the river to take pictures, and pick up some breakfast at the Meat Monarch on the way. Perusing the menu, I noticed it said "Value Meal includes hash browns and a medium coffee." Caffeine and deep fried starches are always a favourite of mine, so I ordered the Sausage Croissanwich Value Meal.

"And what drink would you like with that?"

"" (Doesn't it say right there that it comes with coffee?)

"Would you like cream with that?"

"Yes, please."

She entered the various codes into the cash register, handed me my change and my receipt, and then slapped an empty cup down on the counter!

Now, I can understand that they ask what drink you want, so they can give you the right kind of cup. Although since it says on the menu that the meal I ordered comes with a medium coffee I would have thought that it was obvious that I wanted coffee. If, in fact, the meal comes with a choice of drink, why doesn't the menu simply say that?

But what I really can't figure out is why on earth--since the drinks (and coffee pollutants) are self serve--why did she ask if I wanted cream with it? I wasn't charged for it; it was self serve so she didn't have to hand it over if I wanted it; there was no mention on the receipt that the question had been asked and answered so they didn't seem to be taking a survey to see if, for example, more people take their coffee with cream or not. Was she just nosy?

It doesn't matter, of course. In the grand scheme of things pondering the reason for the question is about as pointless as the question itself. It just bugged me. And it's just one more example of the stupidity of fast food workers.

The food wasn't bad, though. And the coffee was okay.

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